Tonight, I'm going to be a sexy cop;) What shoes?

I'm going to be a sexy cop with thigh high fishnets, what are the best shoes to wear? leather boots? which I don't really want to wear those. or heels? & what kind? thanks:)


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  • If you're going to be out and about for any length of time, I'd go for comfort. Somehow I'm doubting anyone is going to hold shoe choice against you when considering the whole outfit. By the way, I've been bad, arrest me please? =P

    • Lol;) oh yu just reminded me, I have to buy handcuffs too! lol

    • Tsk tsk, how on earth did you plan on being a naughty cop without such a naughty accessory? Don't forget the nightstick to beat off all unwanted advances dear =P

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  • I'd say either boots or closed toe heels.