Am I too easy? HELP ME!!!

I'm 23 years old. I'm considered to be the hottest chick in university. I'm not sleazy and I remain at a distance from guys I don't know.

What confuses me is that after I've been with a guy for a month he doesn't seem to wanna hangout any more. 1st guy: I was 18 and he was kinda below average. I started dating him at 18 till I dumped him. He took my virginity at 20.

2nd guy: was alright looking. was and is crazy about me I dumped him a year later.

3rd: I did not like him .did not want to do anything with him, just had phone sex with him. he just stopped calling. All of a sudden after he asked me out and I said yes..

4th guy: the only guy I ever ever truly liked. Just wanted to have it with him uz I was so crazy about him. Went to his apartment the first time we met after talking to him online for 3 months.

we never went out again. He said I was too demanding. He kind of dumped me..

whats wrong with me y can't I seem to keep a guy interested anymore. I'm sad I don't know how to be myself anymore help!


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  • Well first off learn how to spell, I mean come on your in college I would think by now you would know how to spell at least the easy words. But on to your question, well your full of yourself, saying your the hottest girl in your college, ya maybe if you were the only girl. So guys are attracted to you, because your hot, they get what they want from you and they leave.

    • In the land of teh internets, spelling isn't necisary.

    • Lol but in the land of reality it is. Besides there's a damn spell checker all you gotta do is right click and there's the correct spelling.

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  • Seems like you're too nice. Be more picky about your guys, only go out with the ones you really like.


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  • that's great that you are very beautiful, but you can't depend on that to keep a guy. beauty attracts guys to you, but your personality and how you act and live your life is what keeps them. being the hottest chick in your school is a blessing but it can also be a curse. men always sought after the most beautiful woman, but for what? often they want to hook up with her for bragging rights or they see you as a possession or an object to be used. so yes you are going to attract many men, but you are also going to have to use your discretion to weed out a lot of shallow men that aren't there for the right reasons.

    dont feel bad and start to think you are faulty. yeah everyone has their faults, but just because you haven't found the perfect guy yet doesn't mean there is something wrong with you. just wait he will come.

  • Sorry, but the text-message spelling is too hard for me to deal with.