Freshmen help? Please estimate?

Im going into freshmen year and Im taking all honor classes except in one subject. We have a lockers. I want to know if the Jansport Superbreak backpack

Will contain enough room. I was going to get the big student by jansport but im afraid its too big. ill be carrying (2 1 inch binders, 1 11/2 inch binder, a make up bag, a wristlet, a pencil pouch, a paperback book, maybe a textbook, and a waterbottle)

So do you think the Superbreak can carry all this? Do you think itll last all of highschool?


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  • i would get the big student, mainly bc i would rather have more space than not enough space!

    • Yeah but, then the bag will be saggy. Or it'll stick out.

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  • That is a backpack designed for excellence in academic achievement.


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