Okay GirIs: If you could design your dream guy...

Okay girls, lets say you work in a factory that makes guys from scratch...what would you design your boyfriend to be like?

What would his personality be like?

Outgoing? Introverted? Eccentric?

What would he look like?

Height? Body type? Hair style/color? Dick size?

Feel free to add any other details :)

I'm just curious to see what a girl would do if she had THIS much power :P


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  • Personality: Some one who is introverted most of the time, but when it's just us I want him to be comfortable. Some one with a good sense of humor is a big one. I love a guy that can make me laugh. I don't like guys that are obnoxious or have to be the center of attention. I like music so a musician would be nice. I also love sports so an athelete would be nice too.

    Looks: Not as important, but if I could make him look like any thing he would be really tall like 6'4-6'8. Not skinny, but not unhealthy. Maybe a little more than average. He would have blond/light brown hair and brown eyes. Basically he would look like the 2nd guy from the left link

    This is what I would make, but I might fall in love with someone totally different.


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  • my perfect man comes in 7 models:

    one is German

    one is French

    one is Egyptian

    one is Scottish

    one is Indian

    one is Northern Italian

    one is Japanese

    they've all been designed in my head and they all have their own set of different physical characteristics which would take WAY too long to write out. so since you probably don't feel like reading a short term paper written by an absolutely psycho girl, I'm not going to bother.

    • I've got time to kill :P

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    • Northern Italian: straight black emo hair cut, dark blue eyes, Mediterranean skin, Roman nose, stocky body (5'9", a little bit of pudge but not fat by any means) euro clothes. lips like Russell Crowe's.

      Japanese: 5'10" business man (like what you see in photos of Tokyo) feathery hair, nice sun glasses. has a body like the Asian guy who shoots guns in the new Wolverine film. typical Japanese features, I'm not gonna change those.

    • They are ALL experts at horseback riding.

      respectively their names are: Hans, Jean-Claude, Bakari, Malcolm, Taj, Luca, Mitsuo

      i told you I'm crazy.

  • i only have a few details that are pretty important in the personality and physical appearance-

    personality - charismatic, outgoing, spontaneous, loyal, open-minded, passionate

    physical appearance - taller then me, heavier then me, in shape, not too muscular, d***.. um 6" or more, decent girth...

  • alright I'm always have trouble with guys wanting to just get me and bed, and or don't have eyes for me only

    im not picky

    but I would like my guy to only have eyes for me so make him loyal

    also I would want him to be

    very loving, girls like guys who are touchy but not sexuall touchy make them feel loved and secure also sense I'm very short I like really tall guys but it doesn't matter

    but other then that I want them to be thereselfs, personality wise is there choice;

    every guy isn't perfect; its nice to live, and laugh about ur guys imperfections;)

  • My guy would be like this:

    Personality-Very funny, Outgoing, Treats you right, Caring, Kind, Likes music (rock/punk/alternative), athletic, HONEST

    Physical-5'9 and up, black or blonde hair, medium to long like skater-ish, nice abs, blue or green eyes, size doesn't matter

    • French: medium brown curly hair, kept short and medium brown eyes. lightly tanned skin, medium lips, a Roman nose. he's 5'9" and is more built on top than the German. straight top teeth, a bit crooked on the bottom. no piercings; no tattoos.

    • That was supposed to go under mine. sorry.

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  • I agree with the other guy.

  • It depends on the girl. I know a girl who thinks I am her dream guy, and other girls who wouldn't touch me with a stick.