What should I do? He keeps looking at me!

This popular guy (I say this because I am not popular) has been making more eye contact with me, more than he has. I am not his "type" I think. We have English together, that's the only class we have together, though. I am way too shy as to approach him. I like him. When he looks at me, I normally look away out of nervousness. Sometimes I see him looking at me from across the room or outside before school sometimes. I am not necessarily what you would call "hot", or I am not the kind of girl you see on TV. I am not that bad, I guess. But what is he trying to accomplish?


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  • girl don't say ur not the girl people see on tv. because every one can be.

    next time he looks at u. smile. and look away. make him know you know he is looking at you.

    if you like him that much you should get up early that morning and look really cute. and when you see him say hi. I know ur shy but if you want to get someething accomplished and he won't do it you have to step in. plus if you catch him looking at you that must mean he sees something he likes. and that must mean he likes you. and maybe he's shy to that's why he just looks at you from a far.

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