Girls, what do I wear to a school skit/presentation?

OK I go to a catholic school. We're doing a skit/presentation for my school (about 90-180 kids and maybe parents). We're going to be using a church as sooort of a stage. We're going to be wearing skirts or dresses, but we'll bee wearing that the entire day. I was hoping to play soccer when our teachers let us go outside. What should I wear?
We also have a dress code: skirt has to graze the knee (a.k.a NO MINI SKIRTS), the top part has to cover our shoulders like a T-shirt (a.k.a. no spaghetti straps), and no jeans.

Please help!!!!!

I'm 13 and the weather here is chlly, but not freezing. I'm go to be wearing tights anyway. I'm 5'0 and idc if it's long sleeved or short sleeved, but it can't be a maxi skirt/dress. My school is old, which means its literally all stairs.


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  • dresses like these are really cute, in my opinion
    you can get them at forever 21 or H&M, how old are you? Because I don't know what oyu want, do you want long sleeves, short sleeves, cardigan and dress, sweater and skater skirt? or a maxi dress? What is the weather like where you are? You didn't put in much info.


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  • Lol, no jeans, i wonder why not

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