Will they send me a new one?

I bought a conair hair straightener 2 years ago, loved it, and now its starting to crap out on me. The light is flickering off and on, it won't heat up. If I call customer service do you think they might send me a new one if I'm super nice and talk about how much I love conair?


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  • I work for a call center and as such there are some things I would recommend.

    If you have a male representative - Be polite and confused, it gets me every time

    If you have a female representative - Be assertive and punctual, but maintain respect

    - Stay away from saying you "use it alot"

    - Stay away from saying anything about it other than "it doesn't work" (if they ask what color a light is, tell them.. but don't tell them before they ask)

    - Mention that you like the product, but you are confused why it stopped working "It was working great, I've never had a problem with it"

    - Have all the information together, we hate waiting for a caller to gather the packaging or the product, etc.

    If all else fails, speak with a manager and inform them of the following:

    "Your representative was very helpful. It bothers me that I have to buy a new hair

    -insertconairproducthere- because it broke. Is there anything else you could recommend?"

    ---- If they say "Sorry but that is all I can offer you at this time" ;; Thank them and then disconnect. Wait about 30-40 minutes and then call back, let them know you spoke with a representative and then your decision ("I would like to send it in for repair" or "I would like some more information about this, could you have a technician call me back?")

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    • Hey thanks for the best answer - I hope you got it exchanged correctly =)

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  • well you can say it was a hardware malfunction and just bullsh*t it and then it might work but make sure you know what ur talking about


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  • no not after two years the Conair are cheap and junk, you should go get a new one and get a nice flat iron, those are crap no matter what people say.

    • The only problem? I have no money so a free one is my best option.

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    • They are actually sending me a new one. And my whole family is poor right now, so yeah, a hundred dollar straightener wouldn't happen. Id be surprised if christmas happened for us.

    • Oh I'm very sorry everyone should have a christmas. That's great that they are sending you a new one.

  • Be polite, but firm. That usually yields better results! Tell them very calmly that you are disappointed your product did not last more than two years. Say you bought Conair because you heard it is a good brand. Say you would like to request a replacement.

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