Do you think that having an emo style is hot?

im not emo but I wear a lot of black and I have been told I look emo but I'm a really happy person- do you think that's hot or not?


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  • Maybe in your age group but in my age group no and here's why:

    The way you dress reflects who you are and dressing a certain way also effects who you are.

    Wearing a lot of dark clothes (not just the color) says that you are un-sociable, not approachable and that you are angry at the world. Now this is just how people who don't know you often times will perceive you. If you are happy than wear clothes that say so.

    I used to have a mohawk around 18 or so and while it looked good, people certainly treated me differently. I defiantly was not a rebellious person at the time and did it for the heck of it. I later on realized that while a lot of girls thought it was cool, they would never approach me or let alone give me a chance because it was intimidating.

    I basically put on a costume that says "teenage delinquent" (not what I was going for).

    So do you see my point here? Dress what you feel best reflects who you are, if you do anything otherwise your aura will never feel right.


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  • Probably not the answer your looking for, but it really depends on what YOU look like.

    If I see a mid 20s+ aged girl, it tends to look a little less attractive. Not to sound rude, but if a girl is very over weight, then it also looks less so good.

    Some girls naturally look good with certain looks, weather it be a sporty look, the "emo" look, the goth look, whatever.

    There are, however, a ton of girls who look very good with the emo type clothing and hair. So if your body/face fits the look, then yeah, it is probably going to look attractive.

  • I think so. but that's not the only type

  • Well, the person that I like seems to be just like you in that sense, so yes, I do think it's hot :)


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