Show me your tattoos?

So as y'all probably know, I love tattoos! I have 4 so far. Currently in the process of designing my next 2.

Here's my butterfly that I got with my sister

Show me your tattoos!?

And my birth year

Show me yours!


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    • Omg I LOVE themmm! The music one and your most recent one are my faves! Let's go get tatted together!

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    • It looks cool to me. I'd say keep it! I need to go get the one on my forearm touched up. Two days after I got that done I was in the hospital for a week and they kept sticking needles in and around it, so it got messed up a bit. But the place I got it done closed down. And the artist mixed some shit together to get what he called the "black cherry" color so I kinda wanted to go back to him, but oh well.

    • Those are sweet!

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