How to put moisture in dry hair? Water based leave in conditioner suggestions?

I have low porosity, wavy, coarse and really thick virgin Asian hair. I recently chopped off most of my dead ends and I have cut off all heat products and bad hair habits.

My problem is retaining moisture. Can anyone recommend me a water based leave in conditioner? I was thinking of Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin but I am not sure if it's moisturizing for my hair.

I wash hair 2x a week, deep condition once a week, prepoo before every shampoo, clarify with rosemary tea rinse once a week, brushing only with wide tooth comb etc. My hair is shiny but it just feels coarse. I prepoo with coconut milk so I think the protein is the problem but I'm not sure whats the best prepoo. Help please :)


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  • I use L'oreal Paris smooth intense conditioner, and it really helps my hair retain moisture. I'm not 100% it would work for you though, because I have thick curly hair but it's not specified for my hair type, so you could give it a go.


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  • Avocado or coconut oil.
    I prefer avocado.
    Chop one fresh, smash it up and rub in through your hair. Let it sit 20 minutes and shower.

  • No water how much product you use, they can only go so far.

    What's your actual water intake? That plays a major role in water retention.

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