What is this called?

This is really random but I'm writing a paper. What is evidence called in the court room that was found to be obtained illegally therefore can't be used against the suspect? Example- say if I found a shoe at a crime scene. I found out who I think might have the other shoe and went to their house to find it. I searched through there house BUT I didn't have a search warrant so therefore that evidence couldn't be used against the suspect.


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  • To obtain evidence "illegally", it must be through an action which is against the law.

    So it includes;

    - Evidence seized without a warrant

    - Taped conversations without a warrant

    - Confessions without them knowing they are being taped

    - Confessions obtained under duress (if the police officer was beating them up)

    There are heaps more. Best thing you can do is look at the relevant Evidence Act in your jurisdiction and look at the evidence rules.

    • Yea I know but there was a certain name given with to that evidence. the word that comes to my mind is submissable evidence but I don't think that's right.

    • Impermissible Evidence.

    • Yea you sure about it. I knew the word once and that word you said didn't ring anything

  • Exclusionary rule/ fruit of the poisionous tree.

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