Which shirt color looks beat?

Black with white letters or Red with black letters https://www. ebay. com/itm/Free-Hugs-Funny-Juniors-T-Shirt-Huggers-Day-Gag-Gift-Tee-Friendship-Peace-Love-/141103967102? pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item20da73ab7e


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  • I would say black and white because its two different shades put together which makes one stand out more than the other since its lighter, if the letters are white, they'll stand out more in the black shirt.

    But if its red and black, it's two dark colors being put together, neither will stand out, they will but not as powerfully. Unless you're going for solid colors and I mean it's fine, my favorite color is red & black, I dress in a lot of black clothing, I'm just trying to make a comparison and an explanation on why I picked Black & White (:


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