Looks or Personality?

Would you rather be with a guy that was really cute?


A guy that was ugly with a great personality?

i meant too say a cut guy with a horrible personality.


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  • I hate both those choices. Hold out for everything. Seriously, it's totally worth it. If I really had to pick from your two, I'd take the ugly guy. I can't deal with a horrible personality, but I could learn to find someone attractive.


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  • Ok,first of all in my eyes no one is really"ugly" unless they have a horrible personality .But to be honest, I would go for a guy who had a awesome personality even if he wasn't all into the looks department.Because,usually when I meet someone I kind of criticise them but then its like when I get to know them more, I see them as more attractive.So either way looks don't matter much to me.

  • if I had to pick I would go with the really cute one because you didn't say anything about his personality..being cute doesn't mean you have to have a bad personality. and I can't do ugly, we would just be friends