What's wrong with me?

ok so where ever I go guys just don't seem to be interested in me. even when I think I'm making progress with a guy I'm always wrong! I do admit I am shy but so are a lot of people and they all get plenty of dates. so I need some advice on how I change my luck with guys!

please help me!


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  • Don't be discouraged. I know exactly how you feel. Just keep putting yourself out there and keep trying. Find things to do, both by yourself and with friends, that you enjoy doing, and keep doing them--those things will make you happy in the meantime, and bring you closer to the right kind of guy for you.


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  • It might have more to do with the guys you're going after. Guys have a very simple mind in regards to women. You're either seen as a potential date or someone they can treat as a friend without sexual feelings. (sometimes a little of both) So it could be a question of what is it that these guys are looking for that you aren't exuding (not because there's anything wrong with you, but rather because maybe it's not in your style). Maybe they're oblivious to your feelings for them beyond friendship. Not everyone knows the signs of flirting.


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