Girls, Any suggestions to adjust for bathing suit cup size difference?

Trying to get a swimsuit. Every girl's fun activitiy in the spring. I have one cup size that is a C, while another is D. Is there a particular swimsuit that allows for this. How should I adjust?


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  • Clarification needed. Is one of your breasts a C and the other a D or did you try on two different suits?

    • One breast is a C and the other is a D.

    • Okay, well you should buy a suit that fits the bigger of the two. It will be easier to add a small pad to the smaller breasts side. You can go to a craft store and get the padding or buy padding specifically made for bras. It will be trial and error until you find the one that makes them look even. If sewing is not your thing, buy a halter top. That way you can tie it so both breasts look even and there won't be a noticeable difference

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  • I know this applies to bras though its been a while since I wore a swimsuit. I wear a C though I'm in a similar situation ones a C the other a B.
    Try adjusting the strap on the larger side to be slightly tighter, and or maybe you could taylor the small side by sewing a bit of padding in it in a way that's discreet resulting in pushing up the C cup side?