How do you know if someone is hating on your clothes?

how can u tell when people are jealous of your fashion style. Like people always making comments about my clothing so im curious how do u no if there secretly jealous?


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  • they r not jelous of your fasion style , probably jelous of you rpersonality thats highligted by your fasion style.
    Dont let the basterds get you down!

    • Thank u. But what does that mean exactly?

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    • Lol thanks but i meant wht do u mean by jealous of my personality?

    • meant the person you appear to be in front of others might be making others feel you are better then them, so hence the jealousy!
      Do i make sense?

What Girls Said 1

  • If they're making passive aggressive remarks about it then they're hating on you and jealous. Even if it's coming from a so-called friend. Trust me, young females are good at that; hell even older females in their 20s and older do that shit.

    • What do you mean by passive aggressive? 😩😳

    • Passive aggressive is an indirect put down whether it be by sarcasm, or they could be putting you down on your "dated shirt but it's OK cuz you're pants and shoes are nice" so they'll put you down then bring you back up with a compliment. A lot of girls are bitches. Trust me.

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