Hey guys, what do you look for in a girl?

explain please...please no guys over 20 years answer this

(high school 11th grade girl, 16 years old if it helps any)


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  • Smart, preferably good-looking but not necessarily, great personality in general, open mind, intellectual, romantic, good sense of humor, understanding.

    I'm also 16, in high school (11th grade) if it helps any.

    • Yea that helps...what about how she dresses I meen what way would you rather a girl dress(a style you can say as in like classy, rocker chick lol, emo style??something likethat or use ur imagination...lol)

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  • Truthfully?


    Pretty face

    Average-size (A little chub or boniness is okay but too much of either is nasty.)

    Relaxed/adventurous nature (A girl who like to try new things but knows when to be calm)

    Independent (Doesn't rely on others to make decisions.)

    But with me the first two and the last one are the most important. If a girl needs to follow trends and is pretty much a clone of her friends, I probably won't like her.

  • I'd want her to dress however she wants; her own style (but nothing skimpy).


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