Hey what should I wear?

hey so tommorow im going ot a girls night in for my small gorup at church what should i wear?

small group sorry typing too fast
something comfy cute but casual PS My crushes mom will be there her son is my crush and he likes to skate board if that means anything I like pink and feminine things but I also like cool jeans and graphic t shirts


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  • Wear something dressy and formal and if you want put on a little bit of make up but it depends on the culture of the church. Some churches believe wearing make up shows you are serious about presenting yourself in an honourable way at church and some churches think its a way of leading guys on. Copy what the other girls are wearing and you will be fine.

    • please read the whole thing and updates its not at church its a a house of one of the small group leaders thanks

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    • Well its your life if you think something else would be better than then by all means wear something else.

    • I know and thanks I just wants some opinions I was thinking something with jeans but I dont know what?

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