My hair got strawberry blonde. Will this purple color take?

A month ago I used a dye called Splat in the color crimson red. I had to bleach my brown hair in order for the color to show. A few weeks after I re bleached my hair because I got tired of the red. I used Splat again but blonde this time. I was frantic and bleached it right away not knowing that red would not revert back to blonde and it got brighter. I got mad and semi dyed it jet black. Last week I changed it permanently to dark brown and re bleached today so I could do purple rage. My hair got strawberry blonde. So I'm wondering... Will this purple color take? And I know its a lot of bleach and its damaging but I haven't experienced and damage what so ever at all. My ends are fine and I have no bald patches. I use a great deep conditioner 😊😉

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I just rinsed it out! It took so I am conditioning and soon I will blow dry 😊


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  • It should if it's darker than the colour you are now. How many washes is the dye?


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  • bleaching your hair too much is bad for it

  • It might not be the exact shade of purple you want though. It might come out a bit darker