Guys what do you like a girl?

What makes a girl appeal "sexy" to you, just by her outfit? What do you like for a girl to wear? Before you ask, I'm old enough to know I'm from ages 14-17


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  • What I would like in a girl is her capability to walk up to me, say 'hi' and start a conversation.


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  • 14-17? Which is it? Confusion?
    Anyways, I think jeans and a tank top (black preferably) is very shmexy. Love it!

  • Being cute as fuck.

    • Cute face? Because I don't have the hot body, but I've got the pretty face.

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    • Yeah, pretty face, just having cute mannerisms and stuff. Don't TRY to be cute though. Some girls just have it. Actually, any guy who wants to date you will probably describe you as cute.

    • Pretty sure I don't try... I just have great taste in clothes... And makeup wise I wear foundation and mascara... I was approached by a guy or two or more but I don't pay attention to that.

  • I like women who cover up for example long sleeve shirts wear skirts with leggings on and rocker boots😍 <3 I don't speak for any of the guys here many have their own views


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