Girls, guys, do you think female actreses are downgrading?

it used to be anjelina jolie, scarlette johanson, jessica biel, jessica alba, megan fox, reese witherspoon... and now it's... jennifer lawrence, kristen stewart etc, i like amanda serfred, but that's about it... don't you think the actresses are getting worse? Feel free to agree with me

minus the megan fox, I was just using her to show that actresses were a lot hotter back in the day


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  • In terms of looks I think Jennifer Lawrence is among the very top of the girls you mentioned. Of course I generally go more for that realistic girl next door kind of beauty than exotic magazine beauty. As far as acting talent goes very few of them have had any roles whatsoever that required any actual acting talent. If you want to talk about women who can ACT, then start busting out names like Sigourney Weaver, Judi Densch, and others like that.

    • The fact is there are very very few women in Hollywood who combine both the looks needed to have their images sold on posters and the acting talent needed to hang with the big boys. And when they can't have both they choose looks first and simply rewrite the script so that the woman's part just doesn't demand the same level of acting ability as her male Co stars

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  • Sometimes, I mean whats her name from twilight sage the main character :? Any way she has the acting talent of a plank of wood.

    and sorry I had to:

  • I think it depends on the movie you watch. I think the girl in "It Follows" was really good and classy and wasn't just a pretty face. Also tv shows. I think the female actresses in Mad Men are wonderful.

  • What about Chloe Grace Moretz? She's ultra talented.

    • ohhhhh/////4got about her, she's underrated

  • No.. surprise surprise. You don't have to be attractive to be successful. Besides.. Angelina jolie isn't even attractive... at all. She looks like handsome squidward pretty much


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  • Megan Fox is so bad she shouldn't be called an actress. And so is Kristen Stewart.

    I don't know. It just seems like they cycle the same actresses and not enough great new ones can get into the business. Meryl Streep is one of the best actresses of all time, and Jennifer Lawrence is amazing too.

    • Lawrence is actually not good at acting. seriously

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    • I don't mind Lawrence as an actress, but I don't get how people think she's so incredibly attractive? I don't see much at all that's so appealing about her lol

    • Yes, but I think everyone agrees that Leonardo does deserve an oscar. And most actresses and actors who have received an oscar are very very talented.

      Should actresses always be hot and super attractive? Sometimes it damages tge role and whole movie if they choose the hottest and sexiest actresses to play it. It makes it not credible. She is attractive because she is the girl next door. She looks healthy and confident and even though you don't think she is hot, some other people do. Your opinion isn't the absolute truth.

      Sure Megan Fix is hot, but she can't act, she has actually made herself less attractive with all plastic surgeries. And she is arrogant.

  • How is Megan Fox from back in the day? She looks plastic anyway I would not call her a beauty. Anywho... if you want truly talented actresses you would have to go back a bit further than Angelina Jolie. Debbie Reynolds, Rosemary Clooney, Katherine Hepburn, Judy Garland, Grace Kelly, Julie Andrews, and so many more. Those woman were not only beautiful, but could sing and dance. They made what they did on screen look effortless and flawless. Not one of those you have mentioned can compare

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