Guys, How do you like a girl to wear her makeup and hair?

ex. wing eyeliner, just a line or no eyeliner. lipstick or none? (what colour) curled hair or straight hair? (colour?)


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  • As natural as possible. Little bits to highlight or emphasize naturally occurring features are ok, but the more it 'looks' like there is makeup being worn, the less it looks appealing. So... eyeliner can help pop the eyes, but you want it to look like you're not wearing eyeline, if that makes sense. If you do decide to wear lipstick, you'll want it to be a natural colour that just smooths out any blotchiness in the colour. Or just a hint of gloss. Guys like to say that they don't want their partner to wear any makeup at all, but I've known enough women who have had the skills to make it LOOK like they are not wearing makeup, while making themselves look a little more... cohesive. Less blotching, more colour consistency, slight things that cause prominent features to pop.

    Of course, people will also like something more extreme, like goth looks, but that is a completely different kettle of fish, and probably not going to be helpful for what you are looking for.

    What you'll want could be summed up as Natural Plus. Look like you're not wearing anything, but emphasize the areas you want to look good in subtle ways.


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