I curl my hair every day, and I'm getting to the point where I'm considering getting a perm treatment done on my hair. I have long, thick, mostly straight hair. I curl it because my hair naturally curls underneath, but remains straight (for the most part) on top so it looks a bit like my hair can't decide which to be - curly or straight.

I want relaxed curls, nothing too crazy or poodle-like. Asking because I want to know if anyone's had this done before.

Are loose curls/waves possible?

How long does it last until your hair relaxes?



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  • Yes, you can tell the stylist the 'level' of curls you're looking for. I have naturally wavy hair and have gotten spiral curls. My hair relaxed in about a week and was easy to care for. If you go through with it, consider buying a good shampoo and conditioner to repair your hair from the chemicals.

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