GAG'ers, how would you change all colors of this outfit and still keep it attractive?

I thought this would make an interesting question: look at this picture and change the color of all items she's wearing to recreate another fresh look...

The items to change are: jacket, top, skirt, pantyhose and boots.
Interested to hear your suggestions. The picture is just a random one from the web...

GAG'ers, how would you change all colors of this outfit and still keep it attractive?


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  • Ta da! I'm bored today...


    • Wow! You created a winner. I would ask her for a drink... a better one than that beaker hahaha!
      How are you doing? What makes you bored?

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    • That's how he likes to drink it but I prefer to enjoy coffee rather than endure it, ha!

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  • Fresh Look (by YourFutureEx)

    Sorry for the mistakes, I'm not an animator nor fashion designer, just a regular guy :-)

    • Haha don't worry mate... as a fashion designer I suck too, but I like the look just as it is :-)

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    • Haha I see... yeah the question was to change all colours but it's just for fun of course :-)
      Nice that you took time to fotoshop the picture. Chimps like photoshop.
      You won't believe it, but it's scientifically proven.
      Someone photoshopped a cucumbre to look like a banana and I liked it!

    • Hahaha I didn't know that :D. Thanks and you are always welcome.

  • Women's fashion ain't really my thing but hmm

    dark grey or black Aran cardigan even that black lace cardigan @justbanannaz mentioned as it actually looks quite nice.

    dark colored undershirt colors that could work would be navy, maroon or some kind of dark red, black, dark grey, white, brown. As they all go with dark grey and black.

    hmm I'd go with a short skirt that cuts off right above the knee's or khaki shorts probably black, dark grey, white or navy depending on what is chosen for the undershirt and cardigan.

    no pantyhose I don't really like them to much on women at least not for something casual like this.

    And those boots @justbanannaz mentioned

    And to top it off a Donegal Irish tweed flat cap from Ireland the color would match with the rest of the outfit.

    • That's a nice composition mate, thanks for all the details!

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    • 2/3! ahhhh i seeee :P

    • @justbanannaz lol having similar tastes doesn't help. I apologize for stealing stuff Lacey cardigan option replaced with a nice tuck in button down shirt, buttoned all the way except for 2-3 buttons at the top. Keeping the shoe option though that is actually the best option for the shoes lol.

  • out with the tights and throw in some good jeans :)

    And the boots @justbanANNAz mentioned.

    Just the shorts bother me really

    • Haha think most guys would prefer a nice skirt or shorts :-)

    • Lol. I'm not like most.

      But its those shorts in general... just doesn't go well.

      Plus heels and jeans are damn hot

  • Everything lime green with yellow boots!

    Color! Color! Color my world!

    • Haha she'd be very safe in traffic, visible from the other side of town :-)

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