What is the purpose of this behavior?

I work with a gentleman that every time he sees me, he will stop and look me over from head to toe and does not try to hide the fact that he is doing this. What is the purpose of that? Is he grossed by what he sees or is he impressed with what he sees?


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  • Try to notice the expression on his face when he does that to you. Is it one of disgust or disapproval or one of desire or lust. If it's desire/lust he's doing it because, to him, you have a fine bod and he can't resist sizing you up because he'd really like to f*** you.

    • Just got in from work. Read your comment b-4 I left and paid attention to him. He does have a look of desire on his face. I wouldn't mind if he wasn't married!

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  • My guess is that he likes what he sees, but is just too obvious about it.


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