How do I get over my ex girlfriend?

its been 3 weeks now... and yesterday I found out she's back with her d*** he'd of an ex through my own curiosity on fb. I saw his status's on his page like I love you so much and so happy now my special girl is back in my life etc etc and these are from like the day after we broke up and the most annoying thing is wen we broke up I asked her "is there any1 else" and she said no . even tho there was posts from b4 we split saying "just had a special evening with the most special person in my life, she made the most amazing dinner for me"

I'm so shocked and just feel like iv been so easily replaced , like I was yesterdays whatever... and then I text her saying wtf ... uv basically been cheating on me (seeing ur ex whilst we were still together) and then she guilt tripped me to a bitch saying I can't believe ud think id do that I'm hurt that ud think id cheat on you ... even tho on her x's fb page it said they were in a relationship b4 we split ...n she just said I don't know y he's changed his relationship status to that as were not going out with each other ... hmmm

ud think id b angry but I can't stop thinking about her specially in the evenings... thought it might stop hurting by now but still feels like iv lost a limb.

i would normally just surround myself with friends ... but I only just joined uni in Sept (one of the reasons (she said) she split with me) and I'm not really enjoying it so don't have any good friends here yet and I just miss familiar faces... I feel like s#%t on the bottom of her shoe ... and so easily replaced. I know it sounds very depressing ... but I just want to stop hurting and feeling unwanted and stop my head from going round and round in circles. sigh


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  • Sounds like you're going through the process of falling out of love dude, and it really hurts. She sounds like a slute, and she obviously has no respect for your feelings.

    With time you'll get over it, but it's more like 2-3 months than weeks.

    • Best answer! Thanks!

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