What do guys look at ??

so to all guys out there.

What do guys look at first or see generally at a girl

and what is a total don't for a girl to dress like in school.


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  • My favorite thing in the world is a cute smile. I'm actually a sucker for cute smiles. The way she looks at me is definately an attention grabber. I'm an athletic guy so of course I'm also interested in athletic girls. She doesn't even have to qualify as what people would consider "skinny". If she has well cut legs, yes! For me though, 90% of it is smile, eyes, and attitude

    Not sure if this is true for all guys but I am NOT a big fan at all of girls wearing boots. Hiking boots, cowboy boots, whatever. Boots are a no no

  • We usually look to see if she seems friendly or approachable first off and then base everything off of that. Usually a good personality to looks ratio wins against looks alone or personality alone. A total don't? Um, just don't dress like a hooker. In all honesty it makes the guy feel like "oh she is giving everyone a free show! what's it going to be like if we are dating?"


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