Can't get bra size right?

So i measured myself for a bra but i somehow got a D cup even though every bra i try on doesn'f fit. I went to victoria's secret and they got a D but there bras don't fit either. What is wrong with my size? also a C cup is to small. wtf?


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  • The tutorial FlyOntheWall linked is a great guide. Most stores (VS included) use 1950s bra sizing standards that try to fit everyone in A-D cups. That's not how bras work anymore. C isn't average and DD doesn't mean huge boobs. Measure yourself using modern bra sizing like in the video. If you think the size you end up with is ridiculous then I recommend checking out The Bra Band Project, which shows what correctly measured sizes look like.

    Bra Band Project:
    Me as a very average 30F:


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  • Try this youtube tutorial to try and size yourself! It helped me so much!

    Different brands may fit differently, if the D feels too big but the C feels too small you may need a different band size (the number before the letter).

  • Bra brands and styles will usually cause you to go up, or down a cup. Try getting fitted at Macys. The lady got my size perfectly.

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