How can I flirt using eye contact?

So, we all hear that eye contact is the key to flirting. But how? Where do I look? How do I look? How long to I hold it? Any special ways to hold my head or eyes? How can I flirt with my eyes with the guy I like? What sort of eye contact should I use to get him interested? Helppp!


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  • Our eyes are very expressive and send many body language messages in numerous ways. For example:

    - Glistening eyes from extra tear duct secretion causes a twinkling and glittering look that indicates strong emotion. This could be either distress, short of crying or excitement such as passion, or triumph.

    - Narrowing the eyes deliberately indicates anguish and distaste and may be used by directing it to another who is the source of that feeling.

    - Glaring eyes are used to intimidate. This cue is also used by many animals. In males it may immediately trigger fight or flight responses accompanied with hormone release.

    - Unfocused eyes mean a person's mind is wandering and not paying attention. Literally, they are not focused!

    - Lowering the eyes indicates modesty or submission. This relates to the bow as a sign of respect to others or feeling of inferiority.

    - A wink with the closed eye directed at a person implies a shared secret. When winking at an opposite sex stranger it implies you have undisclosed desire for them.

    - Frequent blinking during conversation indicates high interest. Some females use a rapid flutter of their eyelashes to get a man's attention.

    One message you might want to send to someone you want to get intimate with is this: "I really want you to get closer to me emotionally and physically so much that I can't take my eyes off you. " - To send this message all you have to do is look into their eyes, with a soft gentle smile, and think that message silently while you hold the gaze. Yes, literally don't take your eyes off them! Now don't get too obnoxious! If they are not interested in you, they might call for help or tell you bluntly (and publicly) to quit stalking them! However they may feel complimented by your interest in them, or think you have something to tell them like, "You have spinach in your teeth! " In any case they will be moved to speak to you to break the disconcerting gaze that they are not use to receiving ;-)

  • Giving a noticeable glance is probably the best way to get the guy's attention. Then, when you look back a second time, make sure you hold it long enough that he sees you looking, and you make eye contact. At that point, it's always good to give a smile. By then, he'll have already made up his mind if he's interested or not. From there, it's up to you to decide how much you want to pour it on, in terms of continued eye contact or going over to talk.


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