He doesn't even talk to me or look at me, what's up?

I have been with my man for four years we used to have really good times together now all he does is go to work come home and stay up all night long on the ps3 game and comes to bed sleeps until he has to go back into work and we don't even do anything no more he doesn't even talk to me or look at me, what's up? Is it me or do you think something is going on ?


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  • Something definitely seems up. If he lost is drive just like that, it may not necessarily be you but you may very well be a casualty of it if it gets any worse. I suggest talking to him straight up and asking.

    • I have and he don't like talking about it I think he is cheating on me but I don't know for sure but what man at the age 31 go without sex for long periods of time?

    • This may seem unrelated but did he by chance get a new game for his PS3? Because if he did, that may be another factor. If he brushes you off and seems to not care how you feel, then I think he has already detached himself from you emotionally and he may be cheating.

    • I have and he tells me to shut up with that sh*t

  • he is definitely taking you for granted. He is so used to you "being there" when he needs you for something. He doesn't say a word to you? not even "whats for dinner"?

    • Nope nothing!

    • See basically there is no point in the two of you being together, he turned into a roomate that isn't even your freind.

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