All guys look at girls whether they love someone or not. True?

My boyfriend of 40+ months has cheated on me twice and still looks and comments other females. We have a newborn son now. And he's 3 years older than me (20). I feel that if a guy is with a girl for a long time, claims that he loves her so much, has a child with her, than there is no reason for him to be flirting/looking/commenting other girls. His defense: All guys look at girls whether they love someone or not. I was just curious if this is true

Honestly I'm sorry I ever asked this question it was something I wanted guys to share their opinions and turned into misunderstanding and not trying to look at it from a different point of view


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  • This may sound a little idealistic but I think that if we like genuinely love someone, there's that part of you that sort of blocks you from wanting other people that you just happen to see. However, we are still vulnerable to constant temptation especially if someone plans it. But in your case, I think your guy is lying to you. I mean, it's one thing to look at girls but from what you're saying, he makes the constant effort to look for girls. It's not just a chance thing, he wants to look for them.


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  • Yes it's true that all guys have a look at girls even if they are in love with their partner. The main thing is that they don't act on those impulses.

    However, he does act on those impulses. He's cheated on you twice, and you've accepted him back twice. You're basically telling him it's ok, and he'll continue to cheat on you forever.

    • I just have faith that he will realize what he is doing is wrong. And he knows that this is the last chance. I am not afraid to leave him.

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    • 2nd 3rd I don't see how it matters. I love him I am not willingly to give up on him so quickly.

    • It matters because he'll continue to hurt you. Maybe you'll get tired by the 6th or 7th chance?

  • I hate to say it about my brothers, but we are dogs. If you put it out there for us to sniff, eat or look at, we are going to go for it if we think we won't get caught by our gf. My girlfriend points out girls like wow look you can see her t*ts in that blouse. OF course I look, she don't care. If I go get the girls phone number, she better not catch me.

    • Don't guys feel any guilt doing this behind their girlfriends back? or if their girlfriend finds out do they not care if they hurt them?

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