Why does he always look at me?

So this guy constantly stares/looks at me all the time in Math class (our only class together) We have never talked before but he's friends with my brother who's the age as him. He stopped calling our house to talk to my brother since the 8th grade, but decides to call THIS YEAR...And one time when my mom dropped me and my brother to school, we were late so we had to sign in. The guy I like was in front of us and said what's up to my brother and asked if I was his sister. When I open the door for him in math (because he's always late) He walks out slowly and looks at me. When I sit down in my chemistry classroom waiting for class to start, I always see him walking past it and tilting his head to look at me.

But he many many female friends and flirts A LOT...sometimes even right in front of my face (LITERALLY) One time I was talking to my guy friend outside of my chem classroom and he walks past and stops in front of me while hugging this random girl not even a foot where I was standing..)

What does this mean? How do I know he likes me or DOES he? ...help?


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  • i seeee...well he definitely likes u, he's trying to get your attention. I think he wants you to talk to him, you should try talking to him an see how he reacts. :)