Girls: I need a few quick answers to my earring/ear piercing questions?

1. How long will it take for a ear hole to disappear completely?
2. After piercing my ears, whenever I touch my ear lobe I can feel a bump inside around the hole? It feels kind of circular. What is that? How did it form and how can I get rid of it?


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  • Depends on how long you've had your ears pierced, if recently then they say to leave the earrings in for 8 weeks straight, just taking them out to clean them and your ears then putting them back in again so the hole dosent close up.
    Not sure what the bump is, but something like that happened to my friend when she got her helix pierced and it was infected so she had to go to the doctor and get it removed

    • I've actually had it for about 5 years...
      The hole closes up in a few months but I just reopened it today... :(

      They pierced my ears unevenly and the one with the bump on it was pierced at a thicker part of the lobe than my other ear

    • Hmm, well then maybe it's just a little bit of skin... if it gets inflamed or sore I'd say get it checked out but it's probably nothing:)

  • Dont worry this happens to my ears all of the time. its just because you haven't kept them in for that long and the skin is starting to close over on the frount and back of the hole in your ear. thats why u can feel a bump. i suggest you leave your earings in for a a couple of months and it will disappear