When you look in the mirror what do you see?

When you look into the mirror what is it that you look at? Do any of you ever stare into your own eyes as I do? What do you think and why do you think it? If you look good, or bad, to yourself is it because of your standards or everyone else's?

In all honesty it depends on the day. Most of the times I suck in my gut and touch the two stretch marks on my belly, which is always a little depressing. I look at the tattoo on my stomach and remember that if I don't like what I see I can change it.


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  • When I look to my mirror I look into my eyes, deeper and deeper, the secrets of the universe are revealed to me. There's also a monkey wearing a pirate hate, he plays guitar with his feet. A talking steak tells me to massage it and I ride the screaming banana all the way home.

    Don't do drugs kids.

    • I find that very amusing. In all seriousness though, do you actually look inside your eyes when gazing in the mirror?

    • Dude, I travel inside my eyes.

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  • I think that you views and opinions of yourself in terms of look depend on what you find attractive elements in others.

    When I look in the mirror I often make little comments to myself, not all bad, but some of them. You judge yourself. And a lot harder than anyone else.

    • So what is it that you find attractive in others that you judge yourself to that standard? Are you comparing yourself to people in magazines and on tv? If so why?

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    • Would you mind telling me a little more of what you see when you look at yourself?

    • Sorry dizzy I put the update where the comment should have been. I try to remember that if I eat better and exercise and tone what I have I would be very "buff". Then I laugh at myself cause I think about my tiny wife's distaste for big bulging muscles. I care more about what is inside of me than what's on the outside. That is why I look at my eyes. I feel like an amazing gift in a very average package. I am lucky to have found someone to love me unconditionally I'm trying to love myself too

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  • I see a guy who needs to smile a bit more.

  • It could be much worse, it could be much better. ( to my standards)

    • Life or the person staring back at you in the mirror?

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    • No depression, no melancholy : melancoly isn't what it was before :-p


    • I see, I miss understood you, you are satified with your life and what is in it. That's a great attitude thank you for clarifying.

  • I see a guy who needs to shave more

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