Good scar cover up?

I'm running out of ideas, i have horrible scars up my arm and all over my thighs from self harm, some are flat and some are raised and I really don't know what to do with them. Seeing as it's coming up to summer now and obviously will have to wear less clothes because of the heat, I really don't know how to cover them. I really don't have the courage to not hide them. I've thought of ideas such as wearing a long pencil skirt, baggy cardigan, which is pretty much what I did last year but even that is too hot.
Anyone have any ideas? If I saw my GP what would she suggest too? Help!!

They are white scars, some are quite big so they are raised and others (like the ones on my inner arm) are mostly flat which are sort of covered by fake tan or foundation, but my skin still looks wrinkly


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  • This product can help you Must use consistently for a few months to see a difference. Also look into a good moisturizer with allow and start to massage the scars 2x a day for around 4-8 minutes straight. This will break up the tissue. Don't give up on healing them its possible.

    As for quick fixes... Tan and buy a self tanner. Use the self tanner on the scars (which should be whiter than the rest of your skin) But will blend well together once the self tanner is applied. you need to find a good match for your skin so should around.


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  • I have heard good things about Mederma. Give them time they'll fade though.


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  • Why would you even self-harm to begin with?

    It's better to not be so excessively masochistic.
    Just bear with the heat and wear netted sleeves or something. Wear light shades so the sun reflects off of you.
    I don't do make up, so can't advice you on that.

    • No i was mentally ill, thanks

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