What in the world do I do with my hair??

So there's this guy I like. It seems that we just keep getting pushed together in everything. We both made it into the same play, King Lear (he's Lear and I'm his middle daughter). Then we got put together for a duet in the upcoming dance production. So besides being super nervous, because he's 1000x better than me at everything, my hair continues to be a constant embarrassment. I have really long hair and every time, without fail, it ends up getting in his face. I can't french braid my own hair and don't know anyone that can. Does anyone have some simple solution?

I've tried:

-messy bun

-ballerina bun


-loose braid


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  • What I do with my hair is after my shower I towel dry it. Then I separate the sides and the back and braid it. I normally have 3 or 4 braids in each section (depends on how thick your hair is) Once all of your hair is braided you sleep with it and in to morning you have great waves. If you want it out of your face, take pieces from the front and pin them together in the back