So I've decided to let my hair grow out a bit. Not real long, but to a medium length. Right now it's at about an inch. The problem is that it's grown out from a buzz cut and is the same length all over. I think it'd look quite a bit better if it was somehow styled, but I have no idea what to tell the barber to do or what would look good even. A little help please ladies.


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    shorten the sides and back and let the top grow a bit. faux hawks are mad hot.


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  • Make an "X" on your head.

  • I was in the same situation a few weeks ago. It definitely looks better now that I've had the sides and back cut shorter than on top. All I said to the hairdresser was that I wanted it shaped a bit without much length lost because it was all the same length from a buzz and they knew what to do from there.

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