How do you flirt?

Guys: what are things you like when a girl flirts with you?

Girls: what are some things to do when you flirt that actually works?


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  • always have a smile on when you flirt.

    say something funny, even if its not that funny, if you can make a guy laugh, that's great (at least I've been told).

    when I flirt I usually make eye contact...

    compliment them on something: nice smile, smells good, pretty eyes, whatever.

    just be yourself, don't act too shy.

  • the upward or sideways or backward glance with a shy smile

    any casual touching like tapping leg or arm or brushing by when you pass or touching hands when you hand him something or letting ur legs touch when you are sitting

    licking or biting lips and looking up and then looking down

    bend over 2 pick something up

    asking questions that build up his ego and let him know ur interested in wut he is interested in (must b genuine interest tho)

    teasing (style depends on guy)

    • Hmmm interesting, sorry this is not my question but what kind of questions would build up his ego?

    • Well it depends on the guy... you hav 2 know wut makes him tick, wut he's proud or confident of, or his sense of humor

      if he is in sports ask him how long he's been playing or wut his trophies were for

      if he is in music ask him o do you know how 2 play blah blah blah?

      if he is a player ask him how often he gets laid or how many numbers he got

      if he is muscular ask him how much he can bench press

      u can also tease him by pretending 2 put him down lik BUT ONLY IN AN AREA HE IS OBVIOUSLY GOOD

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