What to give a guy for Christmas who I've been seeing (long-distance). Also, what to wear to sleep?

So, I'll be spending 12 days with him at his home in a cold cold weather area. He is a pretty down to earth, no frills guy, but I don't want to assume he is gonna get me something down to earth and no frills. In fact I am reasonably sure he is totally lost trying to decide what to give me. I've visited him twice before in the past year, and this is gonna be a longer visit (last one was a week). So far I've planned:

bottle of wine from a friend's winery here,

my really yummy home made chocolate rum balls,

new pajama bottoms - he has a plaid flannel pair that are torn.

Are these OK? Will he like them? Too impersonal? Obviously low budget?

I also feel like I should get him a NICE gift, but I don't know and I don't want him to freak out about how serious things are or aren't based on my gift...

Also, I have gone in January and April and both times it's been freezing at night, and now I'll be going in December which is even colder. I wore cute pajama bottoms and a cute tank top with sweatshirt before, but it would be nice to show him I can wear something sexier and enjoy it, without looking ridiculous in a skimpy outfit in freezing weather while he's got flannel on! What do you cold climate men like to see ur hot mamas in when the temperature dips down low? He has never seen me in lingerie - pretty bras and panties he discovers under my clothes yes, but sexy sleepwear, no. And again, he's pretty down to earth so I don't wanna feel silly and frilly and chilly all night. I could see that being more of a turn off for him than a turn on.

Thanks in advance for your replies!


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  • What I'd want, which I seriously think is pretty close to what most guys want most of the time, is:

    - Show up and sleep with me so I don't have to sleep alone in this cold bed again.

    - Take off some of your clothes in my presence, weather permitting.

    - Assuming I made a reasonably honest effort, don't get upset if my gift sucks.

    - If my gift(s) are awesome, squeal with glee or something and act like I'm the best guy ever.

    - Get me anything. I don't care what it is or how much it costs. If it's evidence that you were thinking about me, bonus points. If it's evidence that you were thinking about sleeping with me, 5X bonus points. (I think pajama pants count, even if they aren't very sexy - just don't get mad if he doesn't like them!)

    - Most of us like wine and chocolate too, especially if it's from a girl who wants to sleep with us.

    As for the sleepwear, I'd suggest several varieties if it will all fit in your luggage. Bring some lingerie and some comfy/snuggly/warm stuff: for example, wear skimpy panties, and if it gets too cold, pull some loose flannel trousers over them. Being able to switch between sexy and practical whenever you want is often a huge turn-on for down-to-earth, no-frills guys.

    Of course, if it's possible, he should make some effort to warm up the room! I have a space heater and an extra blanket for when my current girlfriend gets cold... and we've found other ways to stay warm too ;)

    • Thanks! Good advice. I brought lingerie on my last 2 visits which sat in my suitcase both times. I appreciate the input on the gifts too. But what if I just give him those things and he ends up giving me nice jewelry or something? I am always afraid of not doing enough and end up going over the top.

      As for the pajama bottoms, I was gonna go with basically the same thing he already has (and presumably likes) but new and untorn.

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