Got an important meeting with the Regional Director of my firm. What suit is best fitting for the situation?

Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with one of the most important people in my organisation. I want to look professional and show I'm serious about my work.

What colour suit would be best to wear? What colour shirt and tie would also be best?


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  • Blue business suit. A silk blend looks nicest. A white or blue shirt heavily starched. A demure tie of any color or classic pattern. Avoid flashy crap. And don't wear black shoes even with a dark blue suit. Very tacky. Wear brown or bordeaux. NO tie tacks. Cuff links are nice if plain silver or gold but avoid weird crap like little lizards or something and avoid those cheap fabric ones in knots.

    Good luck.


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  • A dark suit, dark tie, light shirt. Black, grey or navy are the best choices. Shine the hell out of your shoes.

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