What to use to keep makeup looking 'fresh'? ;*)

I'm using bare minerals make up foundation/ powder and Clinique eye shadow trio with Lancome blush/ mascara/ eye liner-what would you recommend to do to keep it from looking too powdery? Is there a mist I have to buy? my friend said she keeps ionized water in a spray bottle and spritz it on her face to keep looking good after long hours...any helpful advice-thanks


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  • The effect of a tiny amount of electrolyzed water on make-up would be completely negligible if there was any, and I'm willing to bet it's some kind of placebo effect she's observing. If someone secretly swapped out her bottle's contents with distilled water in her eyes it'd still exhibit the same properties.


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  • Do you use a primer under your makeup and an eyeshadow primer under your eyeshadow? It helps things stay put and look fresh all day/night.

    I stopped wearing the mineral makeup because it really does make my face look dry/powdery. However, I am now in my 40s. I stopped using it in my late 30s.

    Try this same question, or search to see if it already exists, on makeupalley.com

    • I use primer (the gel stuff) after I put moisturizer on (clinique brand) and then I wait for it to dry and then use a kabuki brush to put on the bare minerals powder-i contour so I use three different shades and then the mineral veil on top

      oh I totally forgot that I bought an eyeshadow primer and I forgot to use it! thanks so much. wish I gave you best answer..

  • I use the mineral water, too. I like LaRouche - Posay's (not certain on the spelling!) Thermal Spring Water. I spray it on several times a day. My co-workers (even the guys!) stop by my desk so I can spray it on them, too. It is soothing and refreshing. I found some good deals on-line, my last order was for five cans. I keep it everywhere!

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