Guys, are there some clothes you just love to see a girl in?


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  • Many guys including me dislike short shorts on girls which are too revealing, provocative and promiscuous. They look trashy, wasted, rude, indiscreet and sleazy on those naughty, sexy-aggressive, offensive pairs of shorts.

    as long as your clothes range from modest to slightly revealing/showing some tiny bit of skin, people are fine with it. Many are strict on this because they don't want their girl/daughter to witness and engage in sexiness, cleavage display, growl, coarse arrogance in their dressing, and shaking ass off for money. Today, we have a whole lot of promiscuous, prudish, negligent women in our generation.. We should not be that cheap and we never can be that cheap. Many can afford to uphold their family with standards in their living and dressing. So, modesty, being genteel, graceful, decent, righteous, genuine, and discreet are of high quality and should be incorporated. You understand this more when you have to rear children properly for them to become good kids.

    • I like mid-thigh dress, plaid skirts with best fit tops: chiffon, wool, or light-cotton thin tops, sleeveless tops and sometimes not too revealing croptop.

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