Hey, so what do Beaded wrap bracelets symbolize?

I wore one and people gave me mischievous looks, what do they mean?


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  • you mean like this:?


    these are called mala beads. they often come in strings of 108 beads total with a special "guru" bead that is slightly larger than all the rest. they are used during meditation in mainly buddhist and hindu traditions to count your mantras.

    mantras are just words and sounds such as "om" that you repeat during meditation or "I am." after you say your mantra once, you pass your finger over a bead and it helps you count.

    some other people just wear them to carry their spirituality with them wherever they go though and some also wear them for decoration. there was a guy at the place where i worked who had a mala bracelet and so i asked him about it. he did not even know what a mala bracelet was xD

    the people who were giving you mischievous looks probably just recognized it as some sort of religious jewelry but didn't really know what it was about.


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  • ‘Kandi’ primarily consists of plastic bracelets garnished with designs or wording of some sort. It’s 100% customized to each individual. Made with beads found in craft stores like Michaels or AC Moore, it has become popular amongst dance music lovers. It has come to represent a kindness that brings the rave community closer by being a conversation starter that can double as a gift.

    The story I heard is that drug dealers would wear beads and bright, neon colors so they could be noticed. Fans were attracted to the craft and it became an iconic symbol of dance music.