Is this a nice set?

Ok hey all ,

My girl Hannah's had a rotten nearly half of 15
her mum's passing , her health situation and other idiots and small incidents.

Anyway's she loves her therapist (not in the sense everyones thinking) because she's really helping her and making her feel like the confident woman she is now Hannah wanted to thank me specially for helping aswell and being a really kind boyfriend.

So she bought these to wear when we have our "special couple time thursdays" they are part of a set in a collection Called "Mollie" (they look really cute on Hannah)

i am just curious as what you all think of the styling etc.

Is this a nice set?


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  • I love most kind of lingerie. That looks really nice :)


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  • That's a pretty set, I would wear that to be honest.

  • She bought it for you. What do you think of it?

    • I really like them especially the little bow is really cute i think but there's one bit i love above all its the girl in them

    • That's so sweet Kerb

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