Quick Cute Hairstyles

I got straight shoulder length hair with bangs, I get tired of wearing the same hair style everyday need some styles that don't need a lot of work/time. Any ideas?


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  • My hair is that short and I know what you mean!

    What I do is:

    Put my hair up in a bun

    striaghten it

    Have a headbang (never liked it on me until my hair was shorter)

    WIth bobby pins you can pull the hair on both sides back

    Aniti-Frizz gel/mousse anythig is a must!

    half up half down requires no effort and to spice it up I braid it, twirl it.. get what I mean?

    When you shower cur it with gel?

    I put my bangs back and put a clip on it.. to the side or striaght back

    or with th bangs you twirl to make it seem like it is a hair headband.. hope you get the pictue?

    Dont know much else sorry


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  • pony tails are nice easy and I also find them really hot...


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  • cut it.