Girls, Should I keep my beard on a first Tinder date? Girl hasn't met me in person yet?

So I've joined the trend and grown a short beard in the last year. I find that I get more respect from other guys at work and in the gym (I'm a martial artist). I do have a "nice guy" mug and the beard gives me a slightly more masculine appearance. However when it comes to women it seems like a hit or miss.

My ex liked my beard and told me to never shave it. She said she wasn't crazy about it at first... but grew to like it much more later. However I had to shave it later for a commercial casting call. She later said "I like my new (baby face) boyfriend better" when regarding my clean shave. Pls no jokes about her "liking a new bf" that isn't me.

That was about a year ago. Now I'm single and been dating here and there. I use tinder and I have a clean shave in all my pics. I have been chatting up a 24yr old girl lately. She seems very interested and we plan on getting sushi tonight. I'm in my early 30s.

First impressions are important. I'm wondering if I should shave my beard to match my Tinder pics? Should I just outright ask her if she likes clean shaves or beards? However I'm hesitant to ask her opinion because I feel like it might connote underconfidence.

Any advice girls?


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  • do what you want, if she asks about it say its a trial or for charity. i love beards I don't know why i think there great

  • I don't think you should change how you look, if you like it then don't shave it

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