Girls, what clothing should I try?

I'm a straight man who likes wearing women's clothes and I was wondering what kind of clothing I should try next? So far I have tried panties, slips, yoga pants and shorts, and bralettes. I really want to expand on that. Please let me know.

Thank you :)


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  • try dresses?

    • Nope not yet. What style?

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  • Girls jeans are awesome, especially the low rise styles. You can actually get really inexpensive yet sexy ones at sears and Kmart, called Bongos. At walmart you can get Jordache and LEI, both are sexy. Best of all they are inexpensive

    Depending on what you get, you can wear them in public

    • Thank you. I'll be sure to check them out. I work out a lot so I have a pretty large behind so maybe girls jeans are the way to go. Will people notice them?

    • And do they have looser fitting ones? I only see girls in super tight jeans that's why I ask lol.

    • It depends on the style, high waisted jeans can be very sexy and loose, but they can be a challenge for guys to pull off, because the womens waist is tiny compared to her hips. With high waisted jeans, the ones that fit you bum nicely, will be too small for your waist. the ones that fit your waist will be very baggy in the bum.
      Besides the price, another great thing about walmart, kmart, sears, target and so on is that you can easily take them back. If you are brave enough to use the changing room even better.

      For what is might be worth, one of the fun thing about wearing girls jeans is that they do fit tight. The material used to make women's jeans is soft and stretchy, so it is not uncomfortable, even if they look skin tight.. Without knowing the reasons or the feelings you get from dressing in girls stuff, if you want to feel like a girl, try the jeans. Angels at Kohls are excellent too. They are pricey. They are very very feminine, which is great because they are girly girly jeans, but because they are so very feminine, they may not pass in public.

  • skinny jeans and a blouse, if you grab a nice necklace as well it can look great