What does it mean if a guy says he respects you?

A guy at work acts like he likes me, but sometimes he acts weird like he hates me. I asked him if he had a problem with me, and he said no, I have a lot of respect for you unlike most people at work. He didn't hesitate either. and also twice he called me his favorite.


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  • Hi,

    There are different types of guys. Where they can be categorized in several ways.

    1. He may try to impress you in such a way. Knowing your attention.

    2. He may try to love you. And he would anger if you move close to some other guys or any other person whom he doesn like.

    3. He may don like you but trying to avoid to express. As basically guys have an intension that no one should hate them.

    If you need futher more answers just reply back with more details.

    Life is short live it in your own style. But as a girl be within limits and be caution. So that you will not be into trouble.




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