Hey Girls... and Guys too I guess. What should I do about my hair/beard (style suggestions)?

So I was talking to an old friend of mine who I've known since I was 4. Anyway we were talking about life and society et cetra and dating came up.

Basically he let out how he's been feeling lately about my choice of style among other things, and that my look would attract the wrong type/limited few.

Long story short he wants the best for me and he wants me to shave off my facial hair, because he has kids & a fiancee and he wants me to find a good girl... he also wants me to go on wild sexcapades so he can live vicariously through me (lol which I can't object to but I don't think I have the bravado for that) but he does want me to meet someone worthwhile.

Anyway since this is based on first impressions/face value why not ask some strangers that don't know me personally.

So here's a goofy pic of me from 3 years ago when I tried being clean cut for like a month

Hey Girls... and Guys too I guess. What should I do about my hair/beard (style suggestions)?

And here's a pic of me today lol equally terrible but whatever (had to do the same dorky pose for the compare and contrast)

So what's your opinion?

What looks better?

What would you suggest instead?

  • Short and tame (except styled better) like pic 1
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  • Long and wild (maybe altered a bit) like pic 2
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  • Something different or inbetween (elaborate in the comments - like keep the beard/lose the hair or shave the beard/keep the hair...& so on)
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  • Either-or looks okay do whatever I want
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Thank you all for the contributions so far, especially those who went into great detail to even post multiple pics and alternative ideas.

The facial hair is within my control, because I can cut/trim it whenever I want, I'll have to try some different mustache waxes to see if I can make it look more proper. Also I get bored and let it get bigger and then I trim it down, sometimes way down.

As for the hair... *sigh* it's a process, I still haven't figured it out yet or what I should do.


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  • Hmmm, I think there are several kinds of hairstyles you could go for.

    I really like this style. Usually I like guys with short hair and full beard.
    But if you wanna keep your long hair you could try tying it up like this. But your hair might be too short, I don't know.


    OR you could go for a much shorter beard and this style of hair but you'd have to style it every day.


    • I have to put in product to stop my hair from being a tangled frizzy mess everyday so...

      I might go for the ladder option though, I wish I could cut my own hair like I do with my beard because I have the ability to do whatever I want when I want, makes it easier to experiment.

      Also this site has some amazing cuts hairstyleonpoint.com/.../

      I really like this but I think I should go shorter if I'm going to make a change


      I like crazy hair but I want it controllable.

    • Ooooh I like the pictures. I think short on the sides and a slight bit longer at the top would look nice on you. And if its frizzy right now, you may need to go for short anyways to just kind of start over with your hair I guess. If you wanna keep it long its best to have it not looking frizzy.

    • I like pic 2! Dude with the tied up hair and beard! :D

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  • Like the beard, the hair looks a bit unruly and like it needs to be combed. If you don't wanna spend time on your hair everyday, I'd just cut some off and keep it more like a medium length.

    • The head hair is a stubborn bastard. I comb it back when its wet but eventually I shake my head around & it gets chaotic and if I try to comb it again when dry the comb gets stuck and the hair gets frizzy (extremely frizzy if I use a brush)

      The funny thing is, I got a trim a little under 2 weeks ago and my hair just looks perpetually disheveled, I put quality products in & it just doesn't matter - like putting a band-aid on gunshot wound.

      I don't know I'm still trying to figure it out.

    • If it's really that big a problem maybe you could do short hair, and a bit neater beard, I don't know. It's funny you should mention this I have similar problems sometimes not sure that my hair is that bad though.

      My hair is often worse after trimming too, lol. I find fine-tooth combs and brushes just mess it up I mostly use wide-tooth combs. One thing I can recommend is just wetting the hair a bit until it's workable, and maybe using just a few sprays argon oil or something which is like 5 bucks at Bartell Drugs (It seems kinda weird to me being a guy and all, but it works just to keep it from getting too frizzy).

    • I've been using leave in conditioner, I also use sea salt spray to give it more of surfer vibe but usually it gets too messy & unruly. I've had mixed results with argan oil; sometime it looks amazingly conditioned other times it make my hair look to greasy.

      Also the picture was taken on a day where I thought my hair looked pretty shitty - the short hair pic was a bad hair day as well so it evens things out form the voting process.

      I might have to try something more around this length, but more undercut like with longer bangs.


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  • Whoooooaaaaaa!
    You can totally camouflage!! Lol!

    I wouldn't have recognised these two to be the same person. hahaha. Well, then again, I don't know you, so yeah.

    One of my friends keeps changing his style, and right now he looks like Wolverine's brother from X-men. Kind of hard to digest that. lol.

    Anyway, back to you... personally, I like no. 2. don't know why. Maybe you look like an adventurer-philosopher there. Lol. The long hair suits you cos you have a long face. It gives you the fluff to go horizontal. (lolwut O_o :P )

    =O OMG.
    I was hunting for guys with braids (jeez, I just can't get blonds for some reason on google) when I realised that you'd TOTALLY look like Albrecht Durer if you grew your hair!!! :O

    But I'd rather you got braids like these: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/.../...c033cd952e.jpg (Doesn't suit this guy much though).

    Or, if you keep the length and wear Old English clothes, you can look like the Count of Monte Christo! XD

    Umm.. Okay, I should stop cosplaying you. lol.

    You definitely look younger if you shave off. If you want to go clean, then shorten your hair and spike it up or comb it up. Though that would make your face even longer.

    If you can let go of your hair, then I'd say shorten it to about 2 to 2.5 inches, shave your beard and moustache down to a french beard (no side hair).
    (this guy looks stupid, but it'll suit you - t3.gstatic.com/images

    Lol. You just made me realise I hardly know celebrities and I hardly take notice of their styles. Lol. Guys and girls alike. O_o

  • All the girls say that you should cut your hair. In my opinion, DON'T, I like the long hair. But that's just me haha. I think it fits you and you look better in the 2nd pic, more unique. Facial hair isn't too bad but maybe you could get rid of some of it like the mustache. You look like wolf haha, I love it.

    • Well I do howl at the moon at night...

      My facial hair always looks weird in photos mainly because I haven't had a photo taken with a good camera since my sisters wedding, and the camera I took that with has a fish eye effect that makes the face more bulbous (especially my nose and face fur).

      Definitely look more unique in the 2nd pic, one thing no one mentioned (maybe didn't even realize) is - if I cut my hair to the typical short length & shave my facial hair off than what makes me unique or standout amongst the droves of other men who do the same uniform style?

      That's like me demanding that you all do the same uniform look and if you deviate outside of that I won't acknowledge you, but once you do the uniform look I turn you down for the gal with 34DDD 24 waist 40 hips. What fucking hypocrisy.

      Long story short both genders are shallow & vain, both say they want this or that, I'm not satisfied by my appearance but whatever changes I make will be done on my own accord.

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    • lol sorry if the last bit of that comment seemed angry, I was just expressing how I feel sometimes.

    • Everything's okay lol

  • The beard does help you look older, but you're also kind of leaning toward the Mark Twain look in the second. Usually you want to have one item of focus around your face. So if you want to keep long hair, you need to tone down the facial hair. And if you want to keep up the facial hair you need to cut your hair.

    I would recommend trimming your hair and the mustache. The mustache is too old fashioned.

    • That's kind of the conclusion I came to as well, it's less of a compromise and would be easier to manage/style and wouldn't be such a drastic change (having medium-ish hair and a light beard/long stubble.

      Since long hair is too hard to take care of (I wake up and its a mess) and the beard can shape my chin to look better. Even though I think the mustache is cool and lots of people (mainly girls) think so as well I think it's a little tacky and makes me interesting to talk to but not someone you'd date.

      I don't know I was just curious because me & my friend had a looonng discussion about this that made me want to ask around for a better consensus.

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    • I kind of want to do my own version of an undercut because I've always liked have prominent bangs and my hair does this cool pompadour when I parted on the side.

    • I've grown attached to my facial hair but became indifferent to my head hair.

  • Keep the facial hair. Its great. Cut the hair. Maybe leave some length on top. but short on the sides.

    • Thanks, what you can't see in the picture is that I do an elaborate fade to stubble on the cheeks kind of like this, except not bare/clean shaven at the sideburns.


      I also like the long top/short sides combinations as well I just don't know what length I'd cut to, but I still want to try shoulder length before I throw in the towel. like this -


    • Lol that pic, because you're worth it.
      I say go for it, you are closer to shoulder length then you will be if you cut it and let it grow again.
      I think its your mustache that I like the most. Its very stylish. I don't know anything about mustache wax so I can't help you there but I know my SO has a friend that swears by this stuff
      www.getluckytiger.com/products/mustache-wax/ He lets his go natural, no trimming or cutting down. Granted he chews on hairs a lot but says that wax helps keep it from his mouth

    • I can't go longer then a week without adjusting/trimming my beard, the cheeks are extremely sparse so I trim it down to stubble in certain places and than I do a fade to the tip of my chin/jawline/sideburns and the hairs at the tip are an inch long. The mustache is maxed out ATM so I just sweep it to the side and cut my curly doodads every so often.

      I've used mustache wax but it was too strong and overpowered my natural curl and made them like a pig tail - which I wasn't digging at all, so I just use beard oil now. I know of some barbershops that sell mustache wax and was thinking about trying some of the other brands because I've only used one type before.

      Also the reason why my hair annoys me so much is because it's low density & medium/fine & porous as well... that's a triple whammy of difficulty right there, so not only is there not much of it but it's not thick and it get greasy/frizzy & breaks easy.

      Still gonna try & perfect this though in the meantime


  • I would go with short hair like the first pic of Rainie's answer and then at MOST a 5 o'clock shadow.

    • I kind of figured you'd say something like that ;-)

      Cutting my beard completely off would be extremely hard because I've grown attached to it a lot...

      But cutting/changing my hair would be very easy considering I haven't liked my hair since I got sick 5 years ago and was on medication for like 8 months and my hair was falling out - It's never been the same since.

      lol also how old would you think I am in Pic 1 & then Pic 2?

    • 23/24 in the firs pick and 30 in the second.

  • I think this could do you well
    I think the mustache and the long hair are a bit hipster looking and your friend was probably saying you'd attract a hipster type woman, which doesn't usually lead to settling down, the one's here are all against the whole needing papers to show love or something
    And if you don't like that you might be able to pull this off, but a little shorter on the bottom

    • Where did you get those outline sketches from?

      I really like the undercut styles (short sides/long top), there's so much you can do with it and so many ways to cut/style it & lengths that can be done.

      I'm very open minded towards women/girls, I don't really have a type anymore just things that I find attractive (kind of wish that they would be as open back, I always feel like a last resort).

      I just want a style that feels right & looks right that gives me plenty of options when it comes to choosing a partner... or just frivolous sex, I don't know haven't made up my mind yet haha.

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    • Oooh I like that first one.

      Lol, wait. is that this guy?

    • @tellmefantasies hahahaha omg I think it is! and he is working it

  • Keep everything besides the mustache unless you do something like the first pic Emily put up :)

    • I have a long hair/no facial hair pic on my profile right now, if you want to take a gander...

      lol "gander"

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    • Oh and if I want to swag out I need to part my hair on the side to show off my man hairline that I have now and also my bangs do this cool curly/wavy thing like that.

      lol my dad's hair looks the same excepts with grey streaks and his hair is down to his belly button.

      We're just a bunch of hippies :-)

    • Sounds good to me :3 lolo nothing wrong with it!

  • Nah I like the beard and long hair.

    • Thank you, but you're also from the middle east and they love them beards & long luscious healthy hair. All my Indian brothers/sisters look at me like I'm one of their own and I feel like they have my back... but then they realize I don't know Punjabi and they're like "pffff fuck this guy".

      lol okay the last part isn't true... at least not all the time.

      Also my hair is still growing & I'm still experimenting... long hair is a hassle but short hair is soooo boring it's like "hello, where is the individuality, I look like a mandatory douche or a man who has been neutered" so yeah I don't know anymore.

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    • That friend texted me about this again, I told him that I did a survey and that short/clean-cut was 20% and long/beard was 25% and that the elusive something in-between was 55% (because I'm not counting the 4th option). He's very adamant about me changing my appearance, it's hard to fight him on it when I feel like I'm a last resort for most girls.

      *This beautiful woman that was shopping at the grocery store I was at today kept looking right through me or refused to look at me when ever we past each other (we were shopping in the same sections). So that felt crappy, because I could tell she thought nothing of me in a negative way when she did look at me - like the look you give someone you find repulsive or you feel is bellow you.

    • Hmm then maybe you should try for something in between. If you aren't happy with it or aren't getting the attention you want from it then there's no point in keeping it. Keep the facial hair and try something shorter for your head hair?

  • No beard... Short hair.. Try to look polished

    • Polished?

      You also have to look at it as what would look best for my face/head shape instead of what you prefer, what you may like might look terrible on me.

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  • Bro u look a lot better with facial hair in my opinion, but the second pic facial hair is too much, maybe trim it down a bit and style your hair differently or even cut your hair.

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