Girls: Rate my looks

I've had success with girls, but it can sometimes be such an unpredictable game that my confidence gets shaken from time to time. When I don't succeed, I inevitably wonder if it's my looks or my personality. Since I can't put up my personality to be rated, I'll post pics of myself. Feel free to use a number grading system, or comments, or general categorizations (e.g. unattractive, average, cute, etc).

Pic #1: link

Pic #2: link

Pic #3 (when I had longer hair): link

Pic #4: link

I guess the most important question is this: are my looks good enough to NOT be a deal breaker if I ask girls out on a date?

BTW, I'm 5'8" with a lean, athletic body.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I didn't even bother to look at your pics because that should not b the problem, you will find someone who will take you for who you r! What would you have done with the criticism that people said about your pictures? As cliche as this sounds its not you its them


What Guys Said 1

  • I consider myself goodlooking and I have bad luck with the ladies sometimes too. so its all good.

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